About me

I'm a front end web developer based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I code in all the languages one would expect from a front end web developer (fine, I'll list them: HTML, CSS, JS) and prefer to sit on the front of the front end. Building out super usable (by the user), reusable (by the developer), and accessible (to everyone) components on top of well thought out design systems is my jam.

I am currently a frontend developer at Race Roster, a registration platform for endurance events worldwide based in London, Ontario, Canada. Before that I spent just under 3 years as the lead front end web developer at tbk Creative. Learn more about all the super neat-o things I did in my resume.

Before the pandemic, I spent a couple years co-organizing the London Front-end Development Meetup where I also delivered a whole pile of presentations, especially about web accessibility. I also spent time teaching and volunteering with Canada Learning Code. Both of these are things I plan to pick back up on when things are a little more safe.

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